The Game Changerz

Give us a break will you!

The Game Changerz currently work in schools with extended alternative provisions and (PRU’s) working with secondary school-aged students, predominately aged 11-16. Most of the students come from homes hovering around the poverty line and are at risk of offending. Because of this a lot of our students present behavioural issues e.g. anxiety, self-esteem, stress, low mood, anger, and social exclusion, but this is often a mask for bigger issues.

The intervention ran by the team, delivers an inspirational project that not only gives the students a ‘break’ but helps to raise their confidence and aspirations; build resilience, establish positive relationships and other important life skills. Through the power of sports and recreational activities, this will truly change lives. Activities such as go-karting, mountain biking, climbing and wide games were the most popular activities the students chose, alongside more traditional games such as football, rugby and basketball and other sports and activities.

“Overall, our project aims to build relationships amongst these young people. A lot of them struggle to communicate with others on a normal basis and the different activities will help to build confidence in doing this.”

“As well as developing community skills, the behaviour will change and enables positivity e.g. we want our project to bring marginalized students out of social exclusion, empowering them to positively transform their lives and use this as a break from reality.” Company Owner, Tony.