The Game Changerz


Don’t just take our word for it! 


Mini's Participant Parent

"I take Finnley every week and he loves it, lots of different activities and he never gets bored.

The coaches are amazing, patient with the kids and involve everyone! Finnley always says how much fun he's had and looks forward to be going back every week."


Adam Collins

Deputy Head - Southway 

"Tony's coaching is brilliant, the way he includes every child he is working with and engages them with the coaching is a real talent. His sessions are well planned, fun and make children want to be in his class!​"


Andrew Stoneham

Teacher - Woodlesford School

"Tony’s delivery has always been at extremely high standards, so I knew what to expect from him. Tony has exceeded expectations and surpassed some of our own high standards."


Graham Hilton

St Peter's JI & EY School

"The sessions have been very good and the children have benefited greatly from them and are keen to continue them. The children have really enjoyed the sessions. Thank you Game Changerz!​"



Mini's Participant Parent

"Fab place and fab coaches. My little one loves it and he behaves all week to make this his reward."​


Tom Moon

Head of Year - Southway School

"Tony has a fantastic coaching style. He engages every student and sessions are always fun and entertaining.

The students always learn a great deal and Tony encourages them all in their strengths and helps them overcome weaknesses."


Rachel W


"Thank you so much for Max's Rugby party, all children loved it! I've had so many texts saying what a fantastic party it was! If anyone is looking for something different for their child's birthday I would highly recommend The Game Changerz!"